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Whether you need concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, or more, we are specialists with over 50 years experience repairing and replacing driveways. Our crew will ensure your job is done right and your driveway surface is durable for years to come.

Our services include installing new pavement for private driveways, new residential developments and commercial parking lots, also pavement repairs and patching, resurfacing, and as well as providing follow up protective seal coating and crack filling services. Our equipment is top of the line and we stay abreast of new methods and technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

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Driveway Repair & Replacement

Once water has seeped into the sub grade of your asphalt or concrete driveway, the problems start. Over time the water that is seeping into the cracks of your driveway continues to erode the sub grade and the cracks in your driveway get larger.

Your driveway can become uneven as the ground supporting your driveway erodes. Most Atlanta driveways have some degree of slope in them only exacerbates the issue.

Atlanta's Own

LHT has been working with homeowners on their driveway repair and driveway replacement needs in the Atlanta area for many years.

If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway that is in need of repair or replacement, you can count on LHT deep expertise to ensure that your driveway repair or replacement project is done right the first time.

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Luxury has built a reputation in the Atlanta area for getting the job done right at a fair price and on-time.

If you have a driveway that needs to be repaired or replaced and you want to partner with a contractor you can trust, please call or contact our Atlanta Driveway Repair/Replacement company today. We will do an excellent job for you if given the chance.

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