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November 28, 2017
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December 2, 2017

Home Remodeling Tips & Ideas on a Budget! (with Before & After)

We recently did a little home remodeling and I wanted to share our tips and ideas to remodel on a budget! If you want to do your own house update or kitchen remodel, these remodeling tips will help you save thousands of dollars! You’ll see our Before and After Pics, Home Remodeling Tips, Remodeling ideas on a budget and even our Kitchen Remodel. You can do these easy home updates and get your own home renovation started for less!

💥💥UPDATE: Just found out that Floor & Decor DOES have countertops! I never even saw them when I went. So check those out when you go into the store!


✨Porcelain 2×6 White Brick Tile for our Backsplash: http://themeleashow.com/WhiteTile

✨Tobacco Ridge Acacia Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood

✨Multicolor Onyx Panel Ledger


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  1. The Melea Show says:

    Ok guys?? What do you think about the Cabinets? Should I add knobs or not? And do you want a money saving video on Furniture & Home Decor once I get my house decorated?? LMK!


    Colors were better on old layout, now all brown color cabinets are floating in the air with white and no flow connection with the white quartz! Good things about this video perhaps being a sales associate with Floor Decor!!

  3. Sophy 2001 says:

    The before looked much better than the after, sadly.

  4. ٌAya says:

    You are amazing
    You deserve 100000000 sub
    Thanks so much for that effort to educate us. I will be moving to USA in 2 months so kind educate me what to buy and from where
    Thanks again

  5. Lisa Hancock Guthrie says:

    Oh, yes, do that video

  6. Jordan Smith says:

    The remodel looks great. My style was the first one. You taught me know your own taste. Thank you.

  7. Hayli H. says:

    Love it! I would do stainless steel knobs…. please please do a money savings video on furniture, mattresses, home decor etc!!! 🙂

  8. Lupe Ramirez says:

    Great video! I love the way you remodeled 😍❤️ you have very helpful tips too. Thanks for that

  9. jie yu says:

    Hi, Could you share the tips for getting bid for countertop please? Where did you shop around and where did you find the cheap countertop you end up using please? Thanks

  10. fareeda09 says:

    Im sorry but it look so much better before 🙁

  11. Who Dat says:

    Put those modern, long cabinet handles on. It'll make your kitchen even better. Also, paint your pantry door white and other doors and spray paint the door knobs black. You're welcome..

  12. Joey Barreras says:

    I liked the kitchen 100 times better before

  13. michelle says:

    Oh my how beautiful

  14. CoEvo Marketing says:

    Great work! Love your enthusiasm, tips AND obviously the work. Glad you got rid of the 'Stay Dirty' tile! lol We have a home remodeling client, JBR Remodeling and recently did a video for them. It would be awesome if you came to check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks!

  15. Gunner6000WarZ says:

    The first 4 minutes is a commercial. Skip to 4:14 for the actual show.

  16. Kelly Piepho says:

    It looks great. I liked the before countertops. Like the new light fixures. I would add the hardware. But you have to make it what YOU want. Maybe the waterfall things will grow on me. Thanks for sharing.

  17. karin collado says:

    Sorry but it looks like a downgrade…the counters before were gorgeous! And now you have boring white countertops……..i think you should've left the countertops before super gorgeous and just painted the cabinets white….you wouldve had a modern granite/white looking kitchen

  18. pschmittable says:

    Yes I would love to know how you savec money for sure!

  19. pschmittable says:

    Yes. Makes a diference and adds a liitle luxury (depending on the hardware)

  20. kari KF says:

    Sorry I like the before better