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November 17, 2017
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November 20, 2017

Smart Bathroom Organization and Storage Tips

Best ideas how to organize your bathroom.

Inspirational video with garage organization storage ideas
and how to organize home office

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by Mary Tardito channel

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  1. Sharla Schultz says:

    While this narrator talked crazily fast, I enjoyed the small, simple things that would reduce clutter in bedroom, bath and on walls.

  2. Jennifer Grove says:

    OMG the A.B.S.
    You could do that for everything and then just screw them all to a board in a row and hang the board on the wall.

  3. Dilip Kurvey says:

    very nice arrenged

  4. V Frances says:

    Very well done!!

  5. animals lover says:

    thanks nice and helpful